Welcome to the Universal Church USA!

We are among the fastest-growing Christian churches in the United States with more than 360 congregations throughout 35 states. Each day, the Universal Church USA welcomes people in their local communities providing hope, healing and salvation through service and ministry. Our doors are open 365 days a year to all who seek spiritual guidance and restoration.  Regardless of background, nationality, religion, or the choices they have made in life. Millions of people have been reached weekly through our online and television programs.

Our many programs are designed to put faith into action in every community we serve. In addition to our Sunday services, we hold prayer services at least three times a day in all of our churches. In addition, our Chain of Prayer focuses on the many different challenges in the lives of our congregants’ and those around them. All of these worship services help prioritize a sincere and faithful relationship with God, which we believe is the basis of a spiritually grounded and fulfilled life.


Each of our churches also hosts groups such as:

  • The Youth Power Group, which is designed to set adolescents on an exciting, productive and lifelong journey with God.
  • For preteens, we have our Teen Power Group. This group is led by trained volunteers, who have an enduring relationship and commitment to God. Willing to give their best in assisting each child reach the outmost fulfillment in their spiritual life and mental stability.
  • Our Caleb Group is dedicated to congregants over the age of 50 who, through faith, discover that their best years are still ahead. Caleb Group offers social activities, outings, in-home assistance along with other services.
  • Universal Beyond Bars is a program that brings spiritual, mental and physical development and support to those incarcerated in our country’s prisons. Our goal is to show each individual that, regardless of their past, a positive continuation in life is possible through the transforming power of God.
  • Our Love Therapy program is designed to give both individuals and couples the skills they need to find lasting and meaningful relationships in their lives. Whether it is restoring a marriage in crisis, becoming a better husband or wife, healing from the wounds of past relationships, or just learning to love yourself; Love Therapy provides the practical tools and guidance to build and maintain a lasting relationship grounded in spiritual strength.

Our many community programs are targeted directly to those in need. For example, The Universal Church 24/7 Helpline ensures spiritual and emotional support is only a phone call away. In a similar manner, our domestic violence programs provide physical support and emotional healing to those whose lives have been shattered through abusive relationships. And our UniSocial group provide resources, food and support to communities in dire circumstances—including events of natural disasters like the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

These are just some of the ways the Universal Church is making a difference in the lives of people across the United States. Our Church is founded on the belief that, through God, anyone can change. Anyone can be saved. No one has strayed too far. No circumstance is too dire. These principles lay the foundation of our Church, as each day we work to build a stronger community in faith.

Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your first visit to The Universal Church USA:

  1. Speak to the pastor before or after one of our services. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and get one-to-one counseling. You will also find assistants that are trained and ready to help you. Assistants are volunteers that are carefully selected after having proven to have God’s character and are committed to God and to helping others. Both pastors and assistants came to the church for the first time just like you, and they understand the questions you might have and the problems you might be going through and are ready to help you every step of the way.
  2. Although you might fear that others will judge you, we assure you that the pastors are here to help you regardless of your situation. If you are willing to fight for your transformation, we are willing to guide you throughout the whole process. Bare in mind that you will find respect and consideration, so don’t hold back from receiving the spiritual help that you need.
  3. Anytime someone decides to take a step to change or seek help, obstacles arise to hold them back. Don’t give up! Persist! Call us for directions, bring a friend along, plan ahead of time and persevere. Also, the earlier you arrive, the better. You will be more at ease and benefit a lot more from your visit.
  4. See for yourself! We know that you may have been bombarded with other people’s thoughts and opinions, however, we encourage you to see for yourself who we are and make your own conclusions.
  5. See for yourself! We know that you may have been bombarded with other people’s thoughts and opinions, however, we encourage you to see for yourself who we are and make your own conclusions.

Through this website, we hope you will learn more about the Universal Church USA and its programs. We encourage you to visit us in person at a nearest church location, online or through our 24-hour television programming in cities throughout the United States. We welcome you to build your own relationship with God, and welcome you to journey with the Universal Church toward spiritual fulfillment through the teachings of the Bible.


Check out our UCKG USA locations and join us!


May the God of the Bible bless you,

Bishop Joshua Fonseca.