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YPG Mozambique: Mega Day Event

Mega Day Event Brought 29,000 Youths From Mozambique

YPG Mozambique: Mega Day Event

About 29,000 youths were recently present at Independence Square in Maputo, Mozambique. YPG (Youth Power Group) in Mozambique organized the Mega Day Event. During the event, everyone was oriented to fight for a better life.

Why Is This Important:

On June 25th, 1975, Samora Machel announced the entire Proclamation of Independence to the Mozambican people. June 25th marks the date of the conquest for freedom and the beginning of a new era of national sovereignty.

YPG Mozambique: Mega Day EventAbout the Event:

  • With the motto “Do you want to be independent”? The youths were encouraged not to depend financially and emotionally on bad friendships and addictions.
  • The environment of the Mega Day Event was exciting and joyful. There was music and dancing, and all the youths present had fun. Besides all the entertainment, they heard a message about good directions to take in society.
  • In addition, there were testimonies of former drug addicts who found support in the Youth Power Group. These ex-drug addicts testified that a young person could get rid of addiction.

YPG Mozambique: Mega Day EventSpecial Presence:

Bishop Alaor Passos, responsible for the evangelistic work of the Universal Church in Mozambique, was present at the event. He explained to the youths the importance of fighting to obtain true freedom from addictions and seeking help from God.

In addition, Bishop Alaor and his wife spoke to the young people with a theme focused on intelligent love.

The subject was chosen because many young people start their love life without being ready.

  • “It is necessary to talk to the youths if they do not learn now. They will probably make mistakes and already have scars in their adult life with failed relationships.” said the Bishop.

Special Thank You:

The Counselor for Culture and Tourism in the Municipal Council of Maputo, Isabel Macie, welcomed the YPG initiative. She added that drugs are a public health problem with alarming numbers of addicts.

In 2020, 15,000 people were admitted to hospitals in Maputo due to drug use, and 70% were youths.

If you’d like to participate in the Youth Power Group, join us at a Universal Church near you. The youths from the YPG gather every Sunday at 1 PM. Call 1-888-332-4141 for more information.