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You Want It, but Do You Need It?

To Be Content Does Not Mean Conforming to What You Have but Appreciating Everything You Already Have.

You Want It, but Do You Need It

If you take a sheet of paper and start writing everything you want, you will probably have a huge wish list. But do you need it or do you want it?

Let’s use clothing as an example. You look at your wardrobe and realize you need a coat since it is winter. You buy a coat. So far, so good. Yet, when browsing social media, you notice that your friends are wearing a more fashionable coat than yours and now you want it. Now you’re dissatisfied with the coat you bought and want another.

That is a simple example, but it can happen in any area of your life. Companies invest in advertising to convince potential customers that they need their product. Have you wondered if the things you want are necessary?

The Trap of Greed

Many people would abandon God because of greed. Based on an excerpt from Psalm 106, Cristiane Cardoso informed that this happened to the people of Israel. Even though they had protection from God, they began to look and want what the other nations had.

“When a person begins to look at the lives of others, they want what they don’t have. The person may have what they need, but they want what they don’t have.” Cristiane said.

Those who covet what they do not have do not realize the harmful consequences this desire can generate. No wonder one of the commandments is not to covet (Exodus 20.17). At first, the person looks at what they don’t have, and then the desire turns into 

When a person ceases to focus on what they do not have and avoids comparison. They are ready to live as the Word of God says:

“Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

To be content does not mean conforming to what you have but appreciating everything you already have. That sign of gratitude demonstrates your trust that God will grant you what you need.

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