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You Can Start a New Chapter in 2023

A New Year, a New Life

You Can Start a New Chapter in 2023

Changing one’s life is not as simple as changing a hairstyle or a shirt. There are years of deep-rooted habits, behaviors, and problems that will not change overnight. However, you can start a new chapter in your life in 2023 by making a single decision to do differently.

Any change that is significant and worthwhile takes effort and time. But people tend to have the tendency to give up when something is difficult. But things that come with little effort only last for a while. Rebuilding a marriage, starting a business, quitting an addiction, becoming debt-free, etc., does not happen overnight. But neither is it impossible.

Below are 3 things you need to do to change your life to start a new chapter:

  1. Know what you want to change – have a goal, a target.
  2. Identify what sacrifices you have to make and make them — If you want real change, you must be prepared to pay the price. And this is the real test of your will.
  3. Realize it’s going to take time and it’s going to be a battle – and so you get yourself ready by making a Chain of a Prayer. Greater than fighting on your own is having the help of God. As you make a Chain of Prayer, you will receive practical advice, spiritual encouragement, and support to overcome.

Commit to change whatever it takes and as long as it takes. Follow these 3 steps this new year. Start a Chain of Prayer in 2023, and l guarantee your life will turn around.

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