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You Can Be Debt Free

Learn From the Story of Samuel Fujimoto

Samuel Fujimoto – You Can Be Debt FreeFinancial problems began after a traumatic divorce at the end of 1998. “I hated my ex-wife terribly; I didn’t think about the debts. I had credit card debt and a financed apartment,” recalls Samuel Fujimoto. The lack of planning made his debts multiply.

Not knowing what to do, Samuel started attending the services at The Universal Church. His goal was to find peace and a way out of his problem. “I came to The Universal Church and understood that to overcome my problems, I would need to have a relationship with God. Then I started focusing on the other areas of life that needed to change.”

Samuel learned from the services to get rid of sorrow and met his current wife, Luciana. His debts, however, continued to pile up.


Vision, Determination, and the Leap of Faith

At the time, he was an employee at a public bank. Despite the salary guaranteed at each month’s end, he resigned. “I had just gotten a promotion but received a different direction from God, and I gave it all up. My colleagues said I had gone crazy, but my wife supported me.”

He was out of work for two months. During this period, he and his wife left their apartment and lived in his parents’ house to save on expenses. They also cut down on eating out and buying unnecessary clothes. “We saved as much as possible; we lived on a budget without extrapolating.”

Then he began working in the area of refilling printer cartridges. The business started in a room in his parents’ house. “God gave me the idea to tinker with paint. All my relatives said I had lost my mind. However, in one month, I closed a large contract with a public agency.”


Planning and Negotiating

With the profits from his business, Samuel planned the household budget. Afterward, he looked for banks and creditors to renegotiate the debts. “I called, negotiated, asking for a discount. I got money to pay my debts in cash, with a discount. My tip is always to negotiate. You can get a discount of up to 70%.”

His company continued to grow. “Everything I learned in the Strong Nation Conference, I put into practice. With God’s guidance and much work, we expanded the business and bought our dream house and cars.”

Today, Samuel’s company operates in IT with printer rentals, notebook sales, and maintenance.

“We have our three-story building and several employees. I can only thank God for what He has done in our lives.”


Mondays at the Strong Nation

Every Monday at the Strong Nation Conference, you will receive prayer and teachings based on God’s Word for your financial life at 10 AM, 4 PM, and 7 PM at The Universal Church. For more information, please call 1-888-332-4141, text 1-888-312-4141, or visit one of our locations near you. 

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