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Why Are Romantic Movies Poisonous For Your Relationship?

Many Create a Surreal Expectation That Their Relationship Will Be a Bed of Roses Daily

Why are romantic movies poisonous for your relationship

Why are romantic movies poisonous for your relationship? Romantic films, in general, are a hopeless romantic’s favorite, especially for women. They get emotional and even sigh when watching the beautiful love scenes, idealizing a relationship in the same way as portrayed in the film. 

Undeniably, the novels produced by the film industry are lovely and moving. It couldn’t be any different since the role of these movies is precisely to mess with people’s emotions.

However, many do not realize that this exacerbated romanticism awakened by movies and soap operas and introduced into people’s unconscious, if not well managed, ends up creating an unattainable expectation regarding your loved one. As a result, frustration arises. 

Wrong References:

During the program “Love School Responds,” hosts Renato and Cristiane Cardoso spoke about this subject recently.

According to Renato, many people who seek counseling complain that their partner no longer does what he did at the beginning of the relationship. Therefore, they believe their love has grown cold and even consider ending the relationship. That’s because they’re making the couples seen in the movies their reference.

For the hosts, romantic films greatly disservice people’s love lives. First, they can become poison for the relationship since people, unfortunately, cannot always separate fiction from reality. Contrary to what it seems, it is a challenging task.

“Our society and culture are bombarded with the idea that if the relationship no longer has that passion at the beginning, it’s because it’s over, and, in that case, it’s better to leave for another one. That is why it is challenging to separate reality from fiction”, Renato clarifies.

Second, these movies lead people to have the wrong idea of love, especially for women. Many create a surreal expectation that their relationship will be a bed of roses daily. And since that obviously doesn’t happen, they suffer because reality isn’t like that.

The different stages of a relationship:

But it is essential to understand that the relationship is made up of phases, and it is necessary to recognize and adapt to each one. That is called maturation.

“There is the initial phase of falling in love, the first kiss, the first night, the honeymoon, and then the maturity phase. And the couple has to know how to deal with the current phase. You have to tune into the now of your relationship. If you do the right thing, the tendency is to get better and not worse”, says the host.

However, Renato clarifies that this does not mean watching romantic movies is forbidden. But he warns that it is necessary to be very careful with the messages transmitted through them. Because “they are poisonous for your love life,” he says. “Have them as entertainment, not as a reference,” advises Cristiane.

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