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“When My Father Died, the Spiritual Torments Began”

Learn How Olivia Broke Free From Evil Through the Power of Faith.

“When My Father Died, the Spiritual Torments Began.”“From my childhood, I grew up watching arguments between my parents, but the biggest problem was when my father died, the spiritual torments began. He used to be a person who went to witchcraft houses and kept things of witchcraft in the closet of his room.

“After my father died, we began to feel a tense atmosphere at home. We would hear footsteps inside the house, especially on the ceiling. Things would fall, I would see shadows, and even alone, I felt like someone was watching me.

“But, thanks to an invitation to the Universal Church, we found deliverance from these attacks. My mom began to attend church, and even though I totally disagreed with her decision at first, I later changed my mind. I started to participate in the Friday meetings for deliverance, although with disbelief.”

“Despite that, I felt different from the first time I attended the service. I was able to have peace. Persevering and being constant, my thinking changed, and I started to take God more seriously.

“I decided to leave my bad friendships, the parties, and the bad feelings that I kept inside. Likewise, the spiritual torments ended as I continued attending and growing in faith. The paranormal activities stopped, and I no longer saw shadows or heard noises of people walking. It’s a home with peace of mind. Today, my life is entirely different.”

– Olivia Reyes.