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What Are Spoken Curses and How to Overcome Them

In March, The Universal Church Will Have a Campaign of Faith Against All Curses

Mount Gerizim

Words have a strong power of influence over their listeners’ lives, be it for their good or harm. They can bless someone, and in the same way, they can also cause harm and even death.


The Spiritual Aspect of Spoken Words

Many suffer the consequences of invoked and spoken curses and, in turn, feel unable to move forward. They see all their plans being frustrated, and they feel defeated.

  • Every word is accompanied by a spirit, and if a person does not have spiritual protection and resilience, evil begins to act in their lives upon hearing negative words.
  • Many today live the fulfillment of a curse someone determined for them several years ago.


Hereditary Curse

A hereditary curse can follow a family from generation to generation. This cycle can only be broken with the Word of God.

God promised Abraham and his descendants: “… in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

Therefore, if your life and family have suffered harm, pain, and separation due to the consequences of a spoken curse, God desires and can transform this curse into a blessing. God wants to completely restore your life and family.

If you believe in His Promise, you and your household will be blessed, as happened with Abraham.


There Is No Curse Without a Cause

The Bible mentions that there is no curse without a cause. And Contrary to what most people believe, what mainly opens the door to curses is not witchcraft or the occult but disobedience to the Word of God.

When a person disobeys the Word of God, automatically, they obey the voice of the curse. “Think, the voice of God will never steer you to do what’s wrong. The voice of God will always lead you to do what is good for you and your soul… On the contrary, a child who lives in disobedience lives a life of curses.”

“Blessings are a consequence of our obedience. When we consider the will of God for our lives, He rewards us by showing us His blessings time and time again… Be a child of obedience because your Father’s blessing is beyond compare.” (Bishop Joshua)


Breaking All the Curses

On March 12th, The Universal Church will have its most significant campaign in its 45 years to break all curses.

Bishops and Pastors will go to the Biblical Mount Gerizim, the mount of the blessing. They will cry out to God to uproot all the curses and break all the connections with evil in the lives of those who want to go from curse to blessing, from disobedience to faithfulness to God’s Word.

“We are calling on people whose lives are under a curse. If your life is tied down, we will take your name to Mount Gerizim, the Mount of Blessing. This campaign of faith is only for people who feel cursed.” 

For more information, please visit The Universal Church in your area. Click here for a list of our locations in the USA. You may also call us at 1-888-332-4141 or text us at 1-888-312-4141.

To view testimonies of those whose lives God transformed from a curse into a blessing, visit the LFN Livestream channel by clicking here.