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UBB: Setting Account

UBB: Setting Account

Universal Beyond Bars 

The United States has the highest rate of recidivism, “The tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend.” Within 3 years of being released from prison, sources from showed that 2 out of 3 people who are released end up being locked up again. Universal Beyond Bars is a prison ministry helping people who are incarcerated. 

 The UBB’s mission is to bring light and words of encouragement to those behind bars. Also, providing classes that will help them enter into society smoothly. Recently, the UBB hosted a graduation for the inmates that graduated from those classes. Thanks to the sponsors of UBB, we were able to host the graduation in the Ferguson Unit. 100 men received Bibles, certificates, and more. In addition, at the Lane Murray Unit, 120 women were able to graduate from the Anger Management, Self-awareness course, each inmate received a Bible. 

C.F Hazlewood

“If people don’t want to come into the prison, these people (UBB) like this ministry do. People can get behind ministries like this to provide them the resources to enable them to make a bigger impact. As UBB: Setting AccountPaul said in the scripture when he was writing the Philippians. He said y’all are co-shares in my labor, and the reason he said that was because they funded him, supported him, and enabled him to do the ministry that he was doing. That’s why it’s important to get behind good ministry.  UBB is a good ministry they do a good work. When you put your resources into them, it’s as if you are out here doing the work.” said C. F. Hazlewood, the deputy director of religious services.

  Reach out to us at 888-691-2291 is the number for you to call and get more information. 

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