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Tick-Tock Goes Your Biological Clock

I Think We Must Open Our Minds to Try to See a Different Perspective, and This Is the Perspective I See Things From

Tick Tock Goes The Biological Clock

Tick-Tock goes your biological clock, is a crucial subject that may sound taboo. This subject is controversial, and many of you may disagree with my opinion. However, if you put your emotions aside, you will understand.

The other day I went to the doctor. Arriving there, he started asking routine questions.

  • “How old are you?” “Thirty-seven years old.”
  • “Do you smoke?” “No.”
  • “Do you drink?” “No.”
  • “Do you use drugs?” “No.”
  • “Do you have children?” “No, my husband and I chose not to have children.”

You should have seen the doctor’s face! He started asking me more questions about this topic and even looked amused. He couldn’t understand this decision. He’s not the only one. Every time I mention this to anyone, they look at me as though I’m an alien. I understand these reactions, but people don’t seem to understand my reasons! 

You, a single woman desperate to find someone and get married because of the pressure of that biological clock, should consider this.

I got married at the age of 24, and my husband was also 24 years old. One year later, we decided we would not have children. It was a rational decision with no emotions involved. It is not that we don’t like children. We are crazy about them! I did not have a biological clock pushing me. It was a decision my husband and I made. We utterly surrendered to our calling and did not want to compromise that by having a child.

Twelve years have passed since that decision, and I couldn’t be happier! Having children is more than a dream for many women; without one, they wouldn’t be happy and complete!

That is not true, and I am an example of that! Women unable to have kids feel inferior. How can they? They try everything: artificial insemination, surrogacy, etc. Look at the reality, at the world we are living in, so many disgusting things! Pedophilia everywhere! People have to turn their houses into comfortable prisons because of the fear of something awful happening. And what about when abuse occurs within the home? If a child plays at the door of their house, they may be kidnapped or hit by a bullet! And what about the cases of children who grow up to become teenagers that rebel and even dare to kill their parents?! 

From my point of view, this world is not a good place to live in. So, I ask you: what’s the point of bringing another human being into this rotten and disgusting world? Do you think this situation will get better? No way, the Bible predicts it all! It is the human being’s love of cooling down. 

Remember: even though a baby looks beautiful now, it grows up! And when they grow up, there is no guarantee that this person will choose God’s path, even if they are children of pastors or bishops. 

Therefore, my friends, if you have been under pressure, consider this point of view too. If you want to have children, that’s fine. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind or tell you it’s wrong. That is a very personal decision. I think we must open our minds to try to see a different perspective, and this is the perspective I see things from.

Task 11

Think over this subject with no emotions involved. It may be what you needed to hear.


Nanda Bezerra
Excerpt from the book, 40 Secrets For a Single Woman