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“There’s Nothing Like Family”

Carlos Villareal's Story

“There’s Nothing Like Family”There’s nothing like family, but growing up was difficult for my siblings and me. We witnessed my father violently abusing my mother many times. As a result, my mother would also abuse my siblings and me. It was like a domino effect and very daunting for us. There was only strife and violence in a family where there was meant to be love and care for one another.

There was a lack of respect in our home. My sister and I often planned to run away from home, as we detested living in the same household as our parents. We couldn’t wait until we were old enough to move out.

I always felt sad in my childhood because of what happened at home. I remember feeling despised by my parents, as if they had no interest or care towards raising me as best as they could. At a young age, I was introduced to alcohol through the constant parties in our house. I was seven years old when I had my first drink; I could go out and do whatever I wanted at a young age.

Parents Separation

Things, however, became even worse when my parents separated. I started smoking cigarettes and made new friends who introduced me to marijuana and other types of drugs. I felt terrible about my family situation but didn’t have anyone to turn to. My siblings and I were also not close. So, I became a closed-off person; I remained in my bubble.

I was suffering in silence, involved with drugs and alcohol, and failing at school. I became a loud and aggressive person who constantly engaged in fights, leading to me facing time in prison. However, I soon became tired of the life that I was living and sought help to be free from addictions, but everything failed. But during this time, my mom heard about the Universal Church and told me about it.

As I continued to attend, I was motivated to improve my life. I started fighting with all my strength and obeying what I learned there. The first change I saw was the peace I felt during the meetings, but this was the beginning of more incredible things.

Through the grace of God and the help of the church, I was free from all addictions, anger, and pain of my childhood. Today, I have peace inside, as well as self-control. I can now politely talk to others and am approachable, which was impossible. God has also transformed my family; we have a better relationship now. My life has completely changed, and I am delighted.”

Carlos Villareal

The Universal Church
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