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The Truth

40 Secrets for the Single Woman by Nanda Bezerra

The Truth

Do you know what one of the hardest things in the world is? It is hearing the truth and, only some people are ready to listen to it. You must first have the emotional structure, spirituality, and humility to hear certain truths. Whoever said that the truth hurts was right and it hurts a lot! But that’s not to say it’s terrible, and it’s quite the contrary. You know when someone says something hurtful to you, and it almost seems they are cutting right through you, but deep down, you know that the person is right?

Has this ever happened to you? Do you remember how you reacted? Your reaction is what counts. That’s what matters. Were you resentful or offended? Or, even worse, did you hold a grudge against that person? 

Girl, if we are not humble enough to accept the truth, how can we grow up and even begin to think of marriage? I am sure that your husband will not hesitate to tell you a few truths. And what then? Will you hold a grudge against him too? 

Look, I am not saying that the truth will not hurt or that we won’t be saddened by it, but this sadness should be directed towards ourselves, and it shouldn’t last long! One day, my husband told me, “You are very proud!”

That was the end of the rope for me! Thoughts began to bombard my mind…

First, I was angry, “What nonsense! Me? Proud?” Then I was mortified because he thought that of me! “What a monster he is!” I thought. 

Afterward, however, I got down on my knees and cried until my throat hurt. My husband was right! It was too painful to admit and face the truth! I felt worthless. It was humiliating, but oh, what good it did me.

Task 2:

Analyze yourself. See how you face the truths in your life or your relationship. If facing it means going back to the end of the line, then go to the end! Restart in faith. Correct your mistakes; after all, no one is perfect! It is horrible to have to pay such a high price for something you could have avoided if you had just accepted the truth in the first place.

Excerpt from 40 Secrets for the Single Woman by Nanda Bezerra