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The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul

The Soul Is a Human Being's Greatest and Most Forgotten Treasure


In our modern-day society, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our minds encounter increasing information due to several social platforms and media. Our thoughts travel through many different subjects and situations. But how often do we think about our souls?

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center revealed that approximately 5 in 6 U.S. adults believe in the afterlife. New scientific discoveries also challenge the ideas that the human being, in his essence, is limited to his material body only. For example, a current study by Dr. Adrien Owen found, through brain scans, surprising consciousness in some patients in a vegetative state.

Another aspect that has caught the attention of many is the near-death experiences. A person says to have died for some time, left their body, and then returned to it. Dr. Jeffrey Long researched over 1000 near-death experiences and found striking similarities even from different cultures.

Most adults in this country believe in an afterlife; even scientists have dabbed into the notion of the soul. However, although we have this awareness, how many of us dedicate time to care for our souls? Many have prioritized the visible things in life and have forgotten in practice the crucial importance of their soul.

The Secret and Mysteries of the Sou book by Bishop Edir MacedoBishop Edir Macedo, in his most recent book, The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul, explains from the Word of God the meaning, importance, and needs of the soul. The Bible has the recipe for how to care for our souls and how to prepare for eternity.

The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul“Most people think that eternity is far away and that they’ll have time to think about it later, but life is uncertain… Nobody knows how close they are to their last breath… Eternity is a choice that needs to be made while we are still alive… We didn’t choose to come into the world, but we have the right to choose where we spend eternity.” (Bishop Macedo)

A human being’s soul is their greatest treasure; therefore, there is an urgent need to prioritize and care for it. Bishop Macedo wrote The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul with this purpose.

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