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The Perfect Offering Provokes the Fire

Our Life Is in Our Offering. If the Offering on the Altar Is Less Than 100% Of Our Life, Then He Does Not Accept It!

The Perfect Offering Provokes the Fire

God’s answer depends on the kind of offering we offer Him. The sign given to Gideon took place because the perfect offering provokes the fire. Whoever wants a sign from God must be ready to pay its price! And the reason why many have been defeated is because they want the blessing but they don’t want to sacrifice for it! 

It’s not a matter of buying or making a deal to receive the blessings of God! But rather of assuming faith in Him through actions of faith! And the offering is the only real expression of faith in God. Not money itself! But what it represents on the Rock, on the Altar… 

The offering represents the life of the giver. The altar represents the Lord Jesus. When we deposit our offering on the altar, we are in fact depositing our whole life in the hands of God.

To understand this better, we just need to consider this: the feeling that unites human beings is love; and the feeling that unites the human being to God is the supernatural faith. When we love someone there is always a strong desire to express this love through gifts. If the love is real, then the gift will be at the same level of the real love. The person goes to the point of getting into debt to give the best to the person he loves. 

The same happens when it comes to the feeling of faith. This feeling demands from the believer to  give the best to God in the same way as the feeling of love demands him to give the best to the person he loves. 

The supernatural feeling of faith in God never accepts a theoretical relationship, just like the feeling of love never accepts the relationship based on the simple exchange of romantic declarations. That’s why there is marriage, when one commits himself to another forever through a mutual surrender. 

The feeling of the supernatural faith demands the same commitment to God through the offerings. 

In the offering is the life of the giver, that’s why it represents his life! The Lord Jesus was the Offering of God the Father to the world. In the Offering of God was His own life. If He gave His life as an offering, how will He accept only part of our lives? 

Our life is in our offering. If the offering on the altar is less than 100% of our life, then He does not accept it! It’s our all for God’s All! 

Therefore, a person’s life depends on his life on the altar, that is, on the offering of his life on the altar. 

Now we can understand the Word of the Lord Jesus better, when He said: 

“Give and it will be given to you… for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” (Lk 6.38)

As we can see, God’s blessings depend on the kind of offering we offer Him on the Altar. The perfect offering provokes the fire. The Bible teaches us that when we learn to give, we learn to receive!


Excerpt From the book, “Gideon”