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The 2 Newest Bishops of The Universal Church

The Consecration of the 2 Bishops of the Universal Church, Represents an Exciting Chapter in Their Ministry.

Two dedicated pastors were recently consecrated to bishops in a momentous event that marked a significant milestone in their ministry. They are the 2 newest Bishops of The Universal Church. The consecration ceremony, held with great reverence, symbolized a recognition of their exemplary character, unwavering commitment, and spiritual leadership.

Bishop Fernando’s Journey to Bishop

The 2 Newest Bishops of The Universal Church Bishop Fernando Alves is known for his love for the souls, character, and fear of the Lord. He has been serving God outside of Brazil for over 15 years. Bishop Fernando Alves had an encounter with God and became a worker in the Universal Church in Juazeiro, Bahia. He has been to countries like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and now he is in Florida, USA serving the Almighty God. His tireless efforts in fostering spiritual growth and building disciples have left an indelible impact.

 Bishop Reginaldo’s Calling to Bishop

The 2 Newest Bishops of The Universal Church Bishop Reginaldo Santiago started doing the work of God on the Altar when he was only 17 years old, in Rio de Janeiro 25 years ago. He has been serving God for 22 years. He has faced struggles and achieved victories, but most importantly, he has remained in the presence of God. Regardless of the circumstances, his goal has always been to win many souls for the kingdom of God without losing his own. He has been to countries such as Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Belize, and Saint Lucia, and the United States in New York, New Jersey, California, Louisiana, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bishop Reginaldo is currently serving God in Trinidad and Tobago.

The consecration of the 2 Bishops of the Universal Church, represents an exciting chapter in their ministry. Undeniably, it is a new opportunity to inspire, uplift, and empower those they serve.

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