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Reaching True Wealth

For Victories to Be Born, You Must First Cleanse Your Heart and Release Forgiveness.

Reaching True Wealth

Are there any old problems that bother you? Situations from the past that hurt? Negative emotions, memories that still hurt? These pains from the soul can prevent you from reaching true wealth because it begins within you.

Like This:

Sorrow, grudge, trauma, complexes, hatred, and other negative feelings prevent your faith from acting. Faith is the one who keeps you standing and makes you believe that you can get up again. With faith, anything is possible.

Therefore, you must be well-resolved within yourself. Otherwise, how will you face the battles?


Joseph, Jacob’s son, suffered a lot and unfairly. With its history, we learned the importance of overcoming the past before victories come (read Genesis 41:51 and 52).

He was betrayed, slandered, arrested, despised, and had to start over several times, but “he understood that everything he went through was part of a process for God’s plan to come true. The Lord supported him, so he won each phase, not only on the outside but on the inside. It did not bring traumas, complexes, guilt or sorrows,” explained Bishop Jadson Santos.


For victories to be born and reach true wealth. You must first cleanse your heart and release forgiveness. It was like this with Joseph: he was exalted where he was humiliated. Joseph could have avenged his brothers, but he preferred to overcome everything.

“You will overcome your problems, and God will help you, but this is a consequence of faith obedient to the Word. The Father adds everything when our priority is His Kingdom,” the Bishop added.

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