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Pregnant With Depression

Daisy's Story

Pregnant with DepressionDaisy’s experience with depression started when she became pregnant and separated from her child’s father. Her parents’ separation also played a role in her depression. Daisy’s father remarried, while her mother had to work at multiple jobs to provide for them.

Influenced by her mother’s attendance in The Universal Church, she also started attending services. Yet, she was not committed to God during this time.

“I harbored deep resentment towards my father and even wished ill upon him. We lived in a shack, and it was not easy. There were nights we went to sleep on empty stomachs.

Eventually, my mother remarried, leading to some improvements in our circumstances. However, I struggled with disrespect from my stepfather. 

At school, I was a troublemaker and often stole from my peers. These actions got me and my friends arrested for shoplifting. However, we were eventually released without being jailed because we were minors.

At the age of 22, I met my boyfriend. At first, everything was going well until I became pregnant. Then, my boyfriend changed entirely and told me to terminate the pregnancy. He was furious when I decided not to do so. That situation made me fall into depression. When I went for a check-up at the hospital, the doctor told me to stop stressing because my child was not developing well. 

Depression consumed me, leading to thoughts of ending my life. I withdrew, isolating myself in my room and neglecting my studies.

A turning point came when my stepfather reached out, encouraging me to return to the church. Taking his advice, I attended a service on a Monday morning and spoke with the pastor. The pastor’s guidance and encouragement to participate in the chains of prayers enabled me to confront my grievances and forgive myself, my child’s father, and my father.

This transformative process alleviated my anger and depression, leading to a newfound respect for my parents and a change in my behavior. Eventually, my child’s father and I reconciled. We got married and have three beautiful children. My entire family now joins me in attending church services. I have broken free from the chains of depression and suicidal thoughts,” said Daisy.

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