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Overwhelmed By Depression

By Following the Chains of Prayer on Fridays, I Was Completely Freed From Depression and Suicidal Thoughts.

Overwhelmed By Depression“I was abused as a child. I stayed with my aunt and cousins because I had no parents. However, my cousins physically and sexually abused me. As a result, I suffered greatly because I was overwhelmed by depression.

At the age of 19, I got married to escape the abuse at home. Things went well between me and my husband until he became controlling. He also physically abused me, and that made me very angry and bitter because it reminded me of my painful past.

I did not want history to repeat itself, so I filed for divorce. Then, I became unemployed and struggled to make ends meet, which made me depend on relatives to survive. I plunged into depression and contemplated dying. That’s when I sought professional help because I didn’t see a reason to live. The doctors had given me medication, but that did not help. I also struggled to sleep at night and had to rely on sleeping tablets.

One day, Universal Church members were evangelizing in my neighborhood, and they invited me to the church. They told me that God could change my life. I accepted the invitation and went to attend the service. The Pastor prayed for me, and I left the service feeling very light that day. For the first time, I was confident that God would change my life, so I kept coming.

By following the chains of prayer on Fridays, I was completely freed from depression and suicidal thoughts. I also committed my life to God.

Today, I am no longer overwhelmed by depression, nor do I have suicidal thoughts. I can sleep very well at night, and I forgave my cousins and ex-husband for the pain they put me through. Now, I live a peaceful life today, and God has provided for all my needs. Today, I do not lack anything,”

– Rosie