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The Holy Scriptures Compare Us to the Sheep Because It Depends on the Shepherd, Unlike Other Animals.


We were infants when we came to this world. In the beginning, our lives were like a blank sheet of paper. Gradually our parents, family, friends, teachers, etc began to write on our page. Therefore, no opinions are ours. Other people’s views and voices have influenced the thoughts we have formed. 

Using this analogy, the Bible, in Psalm 23.1, says: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will lack nothing”. 

Humans are compared to sheep because we also depend on someone to guide us. God created human beings in this way because He envisioned them to be guided and dependent.
Therefore, since I will listen, follow, and be influenced by someone’s opinion. Plus, there is no way of changing that. The question is:


“Who Will I Let Influence Me?”

At that moment, our power of choice comes in. Since we cannot choose whether we will be influenced, we can choose who we will let form our opinions. 

If you must listen and follow someone, let it be God because He has the best opinion. After all, whose voice is more reliable than His? What person is more worthy of our trust than God Himself, who is the Author of Life?

Only God can satisfy the thirst for intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and direction within us. Yet, only some use that intelligence. Many prefer to give their lives to celebrities, fashions, movements, voices, and ideas of this world. They don’t question, and they ignore God. 

People do this every day: they despise God’s advice and direction. They neglect the guidance of His Spirit, which has been made available to us. He wants to fulfill this role as our compass to guide us to the right path.

God can guide anyone who wants to follow and obey Him, but He will never impose himself on anyone. Therefore, if you want Him to influence your life, choose to listen to His Voice. Read His Word and do His Will because there are no flaws in God. He will always give you the right direction.

– Bishop Renato Cardoso