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“Now I Sleep Like A Baby”

Frederick Lubwama's Story

“Now I Sleep Like A Baby”My problems started when I began having spiritual attacks. Now I sleep like a baby but before I found it difficult to sleep during the night . Nightmares were a regular part of my sleep: I dreamt of dead relatives, snakes, and other animals chasing me, and sometimes I would dream I was drowning.

These dreams made me suicidal and depressed. On top of this, I would feel tired and weak during the day. My life had no stability; I always moved from job to job and changed addresses. I was also studying at a University, but my grades were not the best, making it difficult to find a good job.

I decided to spend my nights at clubs because I could not sleep. I sought help from various people and institutions. Running out of options, I had planned to visit a palm reader. But a friend advised me not to go because my problems could worsen. At one stage, my spiritual attacks intensified. This time it felt as though someone was strangling me.

I discovered the Universal Church when I found a pamphlet at a train station. It was what I was looking for when I read it, so I decided to go.

While at the UCKG, I participated in numerous services, including the Friday meetings for deliverance. I made a chain of prayer for my deliverance. I was determined that my situation would change on Friday, and it did! That night, I went to sleep with no problems. Now I sleep like a baby from that night on, I have been free from spiritual attacks. Now I can help others; I own my own business, and, most importantly, I enjoy sleeping like a baby thanks to the UCKG.”

Frederick Lubwama

The Universal Church
  • Universal Church Newspaper Edition 505