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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Our Spouse Is Our Mirror Because They Truly Reflect Who We Are

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Marriage serves as a mirror. As you were getting ready this morning, you looked in the mirror at least five times (if you’re a woman, twenty…). Why do we look in the mirror whenever we get the chance? Because our eyes are unable to give us a clear picture of how we appear to those around us. If there were no mirrors on the wall, cameras, or camcorders, we would never know what our faces, other body parts, or what we looked like from behind (though some would not find this a bad idea). But thanks to mirrors, we can look at accurate reflections of ourselves and even see parts of our bodies hidden from our own eyes.

The same holds in marriage. Our spouse is our mirror because they truly reflect who we are—the good and the bad.

When you look in the mirror, you like certain aspects of your body and dislike others. When you wear a nice outfit, you look in the mirror and think: “I look good in this! These shoes match this belt perfectly…” But there are certain things that you do not like to look at. If you think your nose is crooked or too big, the gap between your teeth is too big, or your hips are too wide, you feel bad whenever you see them.

I know someone that positions her head at a 45-degree angle whenever a picture is taken because she thinks her head is too big… and like her, everyone deals with what the mirror shows them the best way they know how!

But one thing is certain: swearing at or fighting with your mirror is no good. It’s not its fault. It is simply showing you the truth.

When you place yourself in front of the marriage mirror, you discover flaws you were unaware of.

After I got married, my bad temper was revealed to me. I had not noticed this problem before because, as a single man, I had never lived with anyone as a husband. When we were dating, we were close but not as close as after marriage. The closer we are to the mirror, the clearer and sharper our image. This is what happens to all couples.

Renato & Cristiane Cardoso
Bullet Proof Marriage

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