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“Life Became a Struggle as I Had to Work to Support Myself”

Charmaine's Story


"Life Became a Struggle as I Had to Work to Support Myself"“I grew up believing my grandparents were my biological parents until I discovered the truth. The revelation left me bitter and angry, questioning why my biological parents had left me. I dropped out of school and had to fend for myself at 17. Life became a struggle as I had to work to support myself, contribute to bills, and ensure I had food on the table.”

“My first encounter with abuse occurred when I needed transportation to work. A man offered me the money but, in exchange, wanted sexual favors. The pain and violation I experienced left me feeling emotionally dead and hopeless. Another incident followed when my manager at work assaulted me. I felt utterly alone, ashamed, and was without anyone to confide in or protect me. Life became a struggle.”

“The weight of my circumstances pushed me to contemplate suicide as my only way out. Believing death would end my suffering, I locked myself in a bathroom, consumed pills, and hoped to disappear. However, my sister discovered my attempt and rushed to save me, giving me milk to neutralize the pills.”


“It was during this dark period of my life that my sister, who was already a member of The Universal Church, invited me to attend services with her. The Pastor encouraged me to continue coming. I participated in the chains of prayers for my inner healing. I tested God to change my situation and committed myself to God. Over time, I found solace and healing in my Faith. God transformed my life completely, granting me peace, joy, and happiness I never thought possible.”

“Today, I am happily married with three beautiful children and a fulfilling job. I no longer dwell on my past traumas but view them as experiences I have overcome. I am no longer depressed or suicidal. Through my Faith, I found freedom from trauma, pain, and regret.”


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