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Lane Murray Overcoming Anger Course Graduation

Many of These Women Can Look Back and Say, I Am a Better Woman Now.

Lane Murray Overcoming Anger Course Graduation

There were about fourteen women who graduated. All fourteen of these ladies are in G4, which is medium custody. Many were troublemakers when they started attending the Overcoming Anger Course with UBB.

Some of these women used to self-harm, and others were constantly in and out of G4 and G5. Somehow, they would always get themselves into trouble.

However, we noticed they wanted to be there when the class started. These ladies would push themselves to be in the class every week and participate. In the Overcoming Anger Course, they had to look deep inside themselves to find the cause of their anger.

Through the course, they learned that anger is not the same for everyone and that some who didn’t know they had anger problems learned how to overcome the different forms of anger. Some ladies even had to forgive others and themselves.

They learned how to communicate their anger effectively and react differently in certain situations. For them, anger was all they knew, and they wanted to change to learn how to express themselves better. All of these women worked hard. Of course, there were difficult moments, but they pushed themselves throughout these four months.

Instead of acting out negatively like they used to, they dealt with situations with self-control, as they learned through the course. Some women could go to population, which means to be amongst others.

Their change was evident, and they were happy to have started and completed this course and received their certificate alongside this outstanding achievement.

Many of these women can look back and say, I am a better woman now.


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