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Johann Had a Big Decision to Make…

She Asked God to Provide Her With the Wisdom to Forgive the Person Who Abused Her

At the age of 13, I was mentally and physically abused by my stepfather. He drugged me, punched me, and sexually abused me. He threatened to kill me if I told anyone. I then became pregnant; the doctors told my mom that the baby was fully formed, and she took me to another clinic for an abortion. 

My stepfather got sentenced to 15 yrs in prison but only stayed for six months. My mother had hired lawyers and sold the house to bail him out. I froze when I saw him at the door of the house, and I attempted suicide several times. Johann

My mother was unfit to take care of me. Therefore, they placed me in a group home. I wouldn’t say I liked it. I felt as if I got punished for what happened to me. Once every week, my mother visited me, and at 17, she brought a guy to date me. We started dating, and at 18, she married me off to him. 

Two years into the marriage, I discovered my sister had an affair with my husband after having my first child. I confided in my mother. It was then that I found out that the guy I was dating was the son of the man that raped me, making my son’s grandfather the man who abused me. He was also abusive to me, and I decided to leave. 

During that time I lived in constant fear and didn’t want to go out. I used to suffer from continuous flashbacks. I was always angry with my husband. Also, I could not be with the son of the man who abused me. Later on, I tricked him into giving me a divorce. Afterward, all the flashbacks, the pain, and the fact that my children were not happy caused me to plan to kill myself. I would drink and take pills to try to commit suicide several times. 

After coming to the Universal Church and doing a chain of prayer, I saw changes. I started to go out again and began to look forward to getting out of the house. When I found out my stepfather was dying.  When I visited him in the hospital,  I asked God to speak through me. I told him I had gone there to forgive him for his actions and the pain he had caused my family. I also asked him to forgive himself. 

Today my heart feels free. I overcame the trauma. I now have a great relationship with my family. – Johann

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