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“I Was Crying All the Time”

Claudia's Story

ClaudiaBefore coming to church, I was suffering from depression. I started having a lot of problems in my marriage. My ex-husband was cheating on me, and it affected me a lot. I was crying all the time, and I was angry at everyone.

I had a lot of hatred and resentment. Plus, I wasn’t able to sleep. All I wanted to do was be by myself.

There were times when I wanted to kill myself. The problems in my previous marriage brought down my self-esteem. I would always be angry at my kids and scream at them. 

That is when I was invited to The Universal Church. I started to do the chain of prayers every Friday and Sunday. I was delivered from all the evil spirits during the strong prayers on Fridays. Afterward, I was invited to come on Wednesdays to seek the Holy Spirit. 

When I received the Holy Spirit, I stopped having suicidal thoughts. Besides that I no longer am angry, depressed, I am free from resentment, and I stopped crying. 

 I am now happy, calm, and filled with peace. I was able to find a good job, and I have a good relationship with my children.