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“I Was a Victim of Witchcraft”

Araceli's Story

“I Was a Victim of Witchcraft” Araceli Olguín’s former partner was involved with witchcraft, which tempted her to explore it. But that environment began to harm her life. She began to suffer from various health issues that caused her pain, restricted her mobility, and made it impossible for her to work.

Araceli had a very good-paying job, but due to witchcraft she changed from working in an office to working at home. Her health condition began to decline and she became less mobile. As a result, she lost her job and struggled financially for a long time.

Araceli’s life began to darken. She would feel alone and lock herself in her room away from her family.  She lost the desire to live and lost her appetite to eat. She’d spend days without sleeping, thinking she would never escape that abyss.

Her daughter one day approached her and invited her to attend The Universal Church. The first time she participated in a service, the Pastor’s words sparked a small light inside her. She left the service feeling lighter and at peace and began to attend it regularly, making her chain of prayers on Fridays and Sundays for her deliverance. Today through the Chains of Prayer, she lives a happy and healthy life. Her finances have also been fixed. Yet most importantly, she has peace through the Holy Spirit.

-Araceli Olguín.

The Universal Church
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