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“I Thought I Could Forget My Problems…”

Vanessa Had to Overcome Many Battles but She Got Help From the One That Matters Most

As I got older, I became sexually active, but everything got out of hand. Around that time, I started attending the Youth Power Group at the Universal Church, but I didn’t take their help and advice seriously.

I eventually got pregnant and things got even worse. I became depressed and felt incredibly empty inside, especially because the father of my child was in prison, leaving me without support during my pregnancy.

I had my daughter, and when she turned two, I started going clubbing every weekend. I wasn’t really worried about my child; all I cared about at that time was enjoying myself so that I could forget the reality of my problems. My family used to tell me that I needed to spend more time with my daughter and it hurt me.


“I realized that I wasn’t being a good mother, so I decided to go back to the Universal Church and do things the right way. I wanted to be a good role model for my daughter. I don’t regret the decision I made, because now I am truly happy. Now my daughter calls me “mom”, and not by my name.”

– Vanessa

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