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“I Overcame Witchcraft”

Ana Huerta’s Story

I Overcame WitchcraftWhen she was only six years old, Ana Huerta suffered many spiritual traumas. Evil spirits tormented and harassed her within her home. She felt like dark spirits were watching and harassing her. They’d even harass her in her dreams and cause her to see dead people. But she overcame witchcraft.

“This led me to lose my self-esteem. I felt like my life lacked value. When I reached adulthood, I was very insecure and full of fears. Although I had a profession, I was unable to find work. Even though I would go out searching for work, I would only find closed doors. Nobody would give me an opportunity, because of that I’d lock myself for days in my room. That’s where I’d stay without eating or sleeping. I felt weak in all aspects of my life. I didn’t want to live.”

“My mother, seeing that I couldn’t lead a normal life, in an attempt to help me, took me to the house of witch doctors, where they had me do different types of rituals that were supposedly going to free me from the evil spirits. But far from solving my problems, it only increased.”

“One day, while tuning into the radio, I heard the program of The Universal Church. Although, at first, I had many doubts, I concluded that I had nothing to lose. So I went to the church and vented everything that was squeezing the life out of me out of my chest. The first day I felt a difference. I continued coming and preserved in my chains of prayer on Fridays and Sundays for my complete deliverance.”

“Although it was a process, by participating on Fridays and Sundays and using my Faith in the word of God, I overcame witchcraft once and for all. God delivered me. Today I am free from all the spiritual traumas, and my life is entirely different. Only God could have done it. Today, I have peace within me. I am prospering financially, and my life is blessed.”

– Ana Huerta