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“I Lost Everything”

Dulce's Story

“I Lost Everything”Dulce worked in her beauty salon with a lot of dedication but became a victim of envy. She lost everything because she was not armored against evil.

“I’m a professional hairdresser who has always dedicated much to my work. I conquered a new car, house, and beauty salon through it. But lack of understanding made me lose a lot and go into debt. At the same time, I suffered from many spiritual problems and was the victim of envy. “

“With each passing day, things got worse and worse. The money I received could not support me; I ended up at rock bottom and did not understand why.”

“Around that time, I received an invitation to The Universal Church. I started participating in the meetings and learned to use my faith in the Word of God. The first change that took place was in my interior. I was freed spiritually, and thus I learned to obey. I heard about tithing, the importance of partnering with God. God opened my understanding, and I became faithful.”

“God restored all that I had lost and gave me more. Today I have my beauty salon, four times bigger than the one I lost. I have a clothing store, and I own the building. I also conquered my own house and all the best, and I know I still have much more to conquer.”

“However, none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t found the Lord Jesus; he is the greatest of all blessings.”

“My marriage is happy and blessed. I am happy and fulfilled today because the Holy Spirit is my greatest treasure. I enjoy what God has given me daily; knowing this makes me even happier”


The Universal Church
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