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Therefore, It Is Necessary to Think Before Making Any Comment.


Gossip’s history dates back to the early days of humanity and played a vital role during the cognitive revolution. When new forms of communication emerged about 30,000 years ago, gossip was considered necessary for human survival. God allowed the exchange of information between group members and distinguished behaviors, for example, the confidence of betrayal.


In today’s world, increasingly connected by social networks, gossip is still a vital tool for interaction, but its consequences are closely linked to its intention. Yet, when moved by the desire for cooperation, it forms social ties. If tinged by malice, it can fatally tarnish people’s reputations. When gossip is practiced negatively, it can be rooted in personal satisfaction to correspond to repressed aggressive impulses.

Among men, gossip gains a curious peculiarity. Contrary to stereotypes, some studies show that they outperform women regarding exposure on social networks, raising comments that yield gossip, fed by the desire for social approval. This search for likes leads them to sensitive revelations and the sharing of intimate and embarrassing information about colleagues and superiors.

The existence of “the good gossip,” in which positive and well-intentioned comments strengthen personal and professional relationships. By highlighting the qualities of third parties, gossipers gain recognition and solidify ties. In the long term, translates into tangible benefits, such as promotions, salary increases, and good relationships with people.

In the Bible, it is possible to find a condemnation of it because its effects can profoundly harm other individuals and have severe consequences for the gossiper. 

The book of Leviticus, in 19:16, for example, is explicit in warning: 

“You shall not walk like a gossip among your people; you shall not stand against the blood of your neighbor.” 

Divine wisdom emphasizes preserving respect and harmony between people. Avoid the spread of gossip that compromises relationships and causes damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to think before making any comment. In a world where words can build or destroy, it is essential to consider their effects before saying them.