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Good Friends

What’s the Use of a Million Friends if They Don’t Dare to Correct and Say What Is Necessary?

Good Friends

You may make friends easily, talk to the whole world, and always live surrounded by people. Yet, not everyone who makes many friends knows how to make good friends. The truth is that having many friends doesn’t mean you are having helpful friends along your journey.

Therefore, friendship is not just for walking together, having fun, or catching up on a conversation. A good friend is like an iron that sharpens another iron. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)

In other words, it is someone who does not remain quiet or turn a blind eye when you do something wrong. A good friend promotes long-term benefits in our lives.

Those who are rich and financially well-off seem to have many friends. But in reality, they have fake friends who agree with everything they do and think and applaud their stupidity and dull jokes.

What’s the use of a million friends if they don’t dare to correct and say what is necessary? You need friends who are sincere, wise, and sharpen you to reach your greatest potential for God.

So, do you still want a million friends who won’t correct or help you? Or do you want a few friends that will help you grow?

-Núbia Siqueira

The Universal Church
  • Núbia Siqueira