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“Everything Changed When My Spirit Changed!”

Elizabeth Green's Story

“Everything Changed When My Spirit Changed!”

Everything changed when my spirit changed! Every time I would get a new job, I would lose it. That lasted for over 25 years. There was a lot of jealousy and envy that led me to this life of constantly losing jobs and losing money.

My situation affected me in every way. It put a strain on my marriage, and it caused me to feel like a failure. At one point, he started thinking that I was the problem. I knew this was not the case, but I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on. I just kept on losing and losing and losing. For a long time, I struggled, and I started believing that I was the problem, feeling depressed and not knowing where to go from there.

One day, my realtor told me about The Universal Church. I went, heard about the Campaign of Israel, and decided to throw myself into it 100%. In The Universal Church, I learned many things, but I mainly learned about obedience and testing God with my sacrifice.

I did what Gideon did, and I sacrificed my all. As a result, God did not disappoint.

God has prospered me in every way. Now I receive daily income and can travel with my husband and family wherever we want. There is love, peace, and unity in the house, and it is all a result of exchanging my spirit for God’s Spirit. Everything changed when my spirit changed! 

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Elizabeth Green