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Envy: The Reason for a Tied up Life

He Who Has the Holy Spirit Is Not Jealous of Anyone Because He Already Has the Almighty.

Envy The Reason for a Tied up Life

Many people think that being a Christian involves attending church, not harming anyone, not saying lies, not being an adulteress, etc. However, there may be wicked things inside of them like envy.

The Bible States:

For where there is envying and strife, there is confusion and every evil works.” (James 3.16)

Envy is from the devil. This feeling began when he envied, desired, and aspired to be in God’s place. As a result he was expelled from Heaven and now he continues by placing the same desire in people.

Cain killed his brother because of envy. Rachel, the woman Jacob wanted as a wife, was jealous of her sister, Lia, because she bore children. Envy has been dragging on to this day. The most concerning of this all is the envy that runs within the own churches.

The Apostle Paul Says:

“Let us behave properly, as in the day, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in immorality and wickedness, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lusts.” (Romans 13:13-14)

Evaluate your condition because your life may have been locked, jammed, and tied up for this reason. For example, the wife wants to take her husband to church, but the husband does not see any change in her that makes him want to go. In the church, she raises her hands and sings praises to God, but inside the house, she raises her hand to assault her husband or vice versa.

The Question Is, “What Type of Christian Is This?”

Understand, if you want to have a life with abundance, it should start inside you and not on the outside. He who has the Holy Spirit is not jealous of anyone because he already has the Almighty. So, you need to have the Holy Spirit to be like Jesus. Then God will be sanctified in your life.

-Bishop Renato Cardoso

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Renato Cardoso