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We Don’t Judge, We Help

The Help Project in Houston, Texas

We Don’t Judge, We Help

Volunteer in the YPG

The youths who volunteer in the YPG (Youth Power Group) at The Universal Church recognize that there is a serious problem among the youths in their generation. The common problem is depression and we can help. This issue of mental illness is affecting teens everywhere. For every 100 minutes, a teen is cutting their life short. (Discovery Mood and Anxiety Program).We Don't Judge, We Help

As a matter of fact, many teens begin battling depression in their childhood due to the pressure that many they experience at school, social media, and at home. Experts say that youths today are experiencing a higher stress level than ever before. Many teens cannot handle the stress that comes with having millions of followers, constantly creating content, entertaining others by keeping up with trends, reading negative comments, and all the consequences that may come from managing a social media account.

We Don't Judge, We HelpModels social

Unfortunately, youths look up to Instagram models social media influencers. Most of the time, influencers portray a perfect life and a perfect body causing followers to compare themselves and feel the need to get on that level of “success”.
One parent quoted “As part of an agreement with my daughter when I allowed her to start using Instagram in seventh grade, I had full access to her account. What I found was shocking. One anonymous account rated the attractiveness of girls in her middle school. A student was encouraging others to cut class and meet up outside of school. These are 12-year-olds whose brains are not yet fully developed.” (

Gen-Z is the generation that is being greatly affected by social media and technology. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened in March teens were forced to be isolated from friends and family.

Many expressed that the pandemic was very difficult for them. Such as deaths, isolation, family members getting sick and dying from COVID- 19, and financial problems.We Don't Judge, We Help

Those decisions are based on trends and what is “in” at the moment. When youths don’t have the proper guidance and self-confidence, it’s easy for them to struggle with their mental health.


This is why the YPG wants to help make a positive difference in the lives of youths who are struggling with depression and might not have a reliable support system. It is possible to overcome depression through the power of faith. All you have to do is accept YPG’s Help and together make a change for the better.

We Don't Judge, We HelpOn Sunday, September 26, 2021, the HELP project in Houston, Texas hosted a special hangout to reach out to youths that are struggling with mental health and family problems.

The purpose of this hangout is to let them know that there is someone who cares for them in the YPG. That there are people who have been in the same situation as them and overcame their problems. The YPG is a  positive, accepting, and friendly environment that encourages ALL youths to be the best version of themselves.

If you are reading this and you know a youth that is going through depression, reach out to us:
1-888-332-4141 or send us a text at 1-888-312-4141.

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