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Don’t Drown In Silence

Cry Out to God Because He Hears You

Don’t Drown In Silence

Think about someone who is drowning. How does this person react? They silently wave their arms and hope someone comes to help. Of course not! They yell, scream, splash around, they cry out. When someone is drowning, they do anything to be saved. They don’t drown in silence!

Maybe you have been drowning for a long time, and no one has heard your cries. A hand is reaching out right now to pull you out of that depression, those financial problems, that problem in your family, the sickness you are struggling with, the problems of life that have been pulling you down.

“This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, And saved him out of all his troubles.” (Psalm 34:6)

Perhaps you are this poor man or woman. You have felt hopeless. Let your hope be renewed at this moment. Cry out to God because He hears you. He won’t save you from a few things, but He will completely rescue you. He will bring you to dry land and revive your life. Don’t drown in silence when rescue is so close by.

If you’d like to speak with a pastor for prayer and guidance, visit The Universal Church, which is open seven days a week. Click here for locations. Feel free to call our helpline at 1-888-332-4141.

May the God of the Bible bless you,

Bishop Bira Joshua

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Bira Fonseca