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Do You Value Other People’s Opinions and Values?

It Is Necessary to Know That Having Faith Is Different From Having Opinions

Do You Value Other People’s Opinions and Values?

Do you value other people’s opinions and values? Nowadays, everyone needs to have an opinion about everything. It is not known what caused this trend. 

The situation gets much worse because many of them feel an uncontrollable need to express what they think. It may occur in a circle of friends, conversations at work, on social networks, WhatsApp groups, and even in informal meetings in supermarkets or stores. They act as if it were a mortal sin to stop saying what they think.

Of course, giving an opinion, especially about the lives of others, is not a new practice for humanity. The Bible has numerous reports on this subject. 

For example, in the story of Job, three of his friends mistakenly gave their opinions on the series of misfortunes he was suffering. Even though Job is upright and God-fearing, they call him a sinner. They blamed him for his suffering without knowing or understanding exactly what was happening in his life. Job’s friend didn’t imagine what God had reserved for Job in the future.

Today, history repeats itself, and the situation seems to get worse with the Internet. Influencers give their opinion on diverse subjects sometimes without any necessary idea or even some kind of training to support what they say. They call themselves experts, use their views, and carry crowds of followers who give them credit and audience. These influencers even replicate fake news on their networks.

Bishop Renato Cardoso has addressed this topic in his videos. He clarifies that the big problem is that people need to learn how to differentiate opinion and advice. 

“I counsel you to search for those who know more than you and have experience. If you are young and starting your life trajectory, listening to your parents’ advice is smart. It is important to say that you are learning something from someone more mature and capable than you. Receiving the wisdom of the elders is a sign of intelligence. Many young people would spare their lives from suffering if they listened to their parent’s advice,” Bishop Renato says.

It is necessary to know that having faith is different from having opinions. 

“Man has opinions, but God has direction. God has the right words, and it does not change. If you want certainty in your life, you don’t have to look for other people’s opinions, but you must be careful. For example, social networks have a significant influence and can make you dependent on what others think,” warned Bishop.

The only dependence we can have is on God. Even when we have doubts about what decision to make, it is with the Word of God that we should advise ourselves. The Bible lies the path to Salvation that goes beyond this life. 

Much more than someone who talks about our lives without knowing us. God is a counselor who guides us to eternal life by His side because He knows us as a father to a son and always wants the best for us.