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Develop the Thought Pattern of a Winner


Determination is the result of a thinking faith. First, you plan. You create your future with your imagination. Then, you start believing in what you planned and imagine what you need to do to reach your goal, starting from where you are.

You determine what you will achieve and then commit to that goal. You work daily, visualizing what you want and how you’ll achieve it with each step you take.

If something doesn’t go according to plan, your faith keeps you going. With your eyes fixed on your goal, you move forward, knowing what you’ve determined will happen.

When it does happen, you’ll remember your determination. You are to “blame” for your victories and your failures. Learn from your failures and transform them into experiences that will help you achieve more incredible successes than you ever imagined.

Develop the thought pattern of a winner. Develop the habit of determining things because when you determine something, you create your future. When you determine something, you blaze a path no one has walked, and don’t keep repeating what you determined. Just hold on to what you’ve defined as your goal and believe that God will do His part. Be firm and unwavering.

I Warn You:

This only works when you determine something fair, right, ethical, and legal. Don’t count on God’s help with anything illegal or wrong. Don’t toy with God. Partnership with Him has to be based on justice. If your project is legal and done correctly, determine what you want and commit to your goal.

Understand that every time you determine something, an opposing force will try to stop it from happening. It’s the survival of the fittest. If you’re on the right side, have a covenant with God, persevere, and refuse to turn back, you will win this battle and achieve what you determined. Don’t expect it to be easy, but do expect the victory.

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