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Child of God

Jesus Had an Abundant Life on Earth and Wants to Provide That Same Life to Those Who Believe In Him

Child of God

Are You a Child of God?

The Lord Jesus explained that the devil came into the world to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). As a result, people have experienced the devil’s work.

The devil’s desire and the will of man have been in accordance. The world is full of envy, adultery, theft, corruption, lies, and other sins. All of this has ruined people’s lives because they become depressed, they have insomnia, anxiety, and addictions. People have been involved with murders, homicides, suicides, and other problems.

Jesus also said: “(…) I came that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.”

When the Lord Jesus makes a promise, He makes it for eternity. He doesn’t want to give people an abundant life on Earth and then allow them to go to hell. He wants to bless them here on Earth and give them the greatest treasure:

Eternal Life

Jesus had an abundant life on Earth and wants to provide that same life to those who believe in Him. He had no material goods and lived by His Father’s Will. The Lord Jesus Christ didn’t lack health because He was perfect. Due to this reason, He received the Holy Spirit when He was baptized in the waters. In the form of the Holy Spirit, God descended on Him and made Him the Son of God in the flesh. 

He also does the same with those who are baptized with His Presence. Wherever this person goes, they become a child of God. They exude His perfume at home, work, on the street, or in church. Those baptized with the Holy Spirit are strong and resistant to everything the world can try to throw against their life.

Whoever is a child of God carries the mark and the seal of God Himself. The mark reflects God’s character, conduct, way of being, behavior, and everything this person touches or does. Therefore, if someone is not born of the Holy Spirit, they are not a child of God.

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– Bishop Edir Macedo 

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  • Bishop Edir Macedo