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Believers and Unbelievers

The Word Is the Same as Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

Believers and Unbelievers

There are only two kinds of people: those who believe and those who don’t believe in God. But not everyone truly believes in the universe of “believers,” so the number of unbelievers is always on the rise. 

To believe in God is to believe in His Word. To believe in the Word is to believe in its Author. This belief involves the unconditional surrender of one’s own life. In exchange for that, the person receives God’s revelations.

But who believes in the Bible? Not everyone. So what? Does it lose its power because of that? Can the opinions of skeptics and unbelievers nullify the eternal Word?

The Word is the same as yesterday, today, and forever. It’s independent of whether we accept the speculations and contradictions of science by the intellectuals who have lived in this world. 

However, the almighty reveals His power to those fortunate enough to believe. Answers, life, deliverance, transformation, and salvation are here, now, and for eternity.

It’s not what people say or think but what we believe in that matters. It is what counts. 

God bless all of you abundantly. 

-Bishop Edir Macedo

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