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Arise and Go

Arising, Taking and Going Are Individual Actions

Arise and Go

“Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” (Matthew 9:6)

It’s a terrible situation to have tasted the good life and then live off crumbs. So it must be with those who one day took part in the joy of salvation, but because of the cares of this world, lost sight of their spiritual values.

“Bishop, I want to come back to God, but I don’t have strength. Pray for me.” As if prayer would solve your problem. It won’t. What kind of prayer will force you to take action? What kind of prayer will cause a person who has fallen to stand up? Jesus commanded the paralytic, saying, “Arise, take up your bed, and go…” (Matthew 9:6). He didn’t pray. He just told the man to arise, take his bed, and go home.Arising, taking and going are individual actions. Obedience requires personal action.

Don’t expect others to carry you and your cross. Don’t accept being lazy and laid back in your faith. It’s impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven without giving up the world. Other people’s prayers don’t work like magic and they can’t put you back on the track of faith. You have to climb the track of faith yourself, through your personal sacrifice. Your sincere prayer to God is much more powerful than you think. Your attitude and willingness to obey and follow despite the difficulties will determine what you achieve.

Take action. Don’t wait on anyone; don’t depend on anyone. Be honest with God. It’s this faith that will give you the strength to keep yourself on track.

Excerpt From, “Our Bread For 365 Days”
Bishop Edir Macedo