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A Woman’s Role Model

A Wise Woman Is Virtuous and Agrees With God’s Thoughts.

A Women's Role Model

The Bible teaches that a wise woman builds her house, and a virtuous woman far exceeds the value of fine jewels. What kind of wisdom or virtue should we expect in a woman considered a role model? Is it intellectual capacity? Love? Her care for her house, her children, or her husband? What sets her apart from a woman who does not obey God? The Bible calls a woman wise when she uses reason rather than emotion.

Research on human relationships reveals that men tend to be more rational, while women are usually more emotional. Biblically speaking, it makes sense, as the devil didn’t tempt Adam first, but Eve. Why? Because she was more inclined to use her emotions. Satan saw the weakness of the first woman, and that’s why he tempted her! He used a word of doubt to stimulate her curiosity, eventually leading Eve to disobey God.

Dear reader,

The wisdom of a godly woman is in her reasoning since her decisions are made according to intelligent faith, not emotions.

Emotionalism is noticeable in children. They don’t think before acting. Children tend to get carried away by momentary feelings. That is why children can’t be left unattended and must always be supervised. 

A wise woman is virtuous and agrees with God’s thoughts. Before acting, she ponders, weighs, and considers her attitudes which makes her a role model.

Unfortunately, many people decide to marry based on emotions. But how many of these marriages survive? The Word of God warns us against the heart’s deceit, saying, 

“The heart is deceitful above all things And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

We can safely say that a rational woman builds her house while a foolish, emotional woman pulls it down with her hands.

Excerpt of the book, “Rare Gems” by Ester Bezerra 

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