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A True Friend

The Lord Jesus Was and Is a True Friend

True Friend

A true friend is like a jewel. You keep it safe, and you’ll always have it. You don’t get tired of it or feel like giving it away. It had a very high cost, and it’s exclusively for you. It probably reminds you of some good occasion or someone special.

So is a true friend. People who live their lives thinking that friends aren’t that important are people who never had one. They may have so-called “friends” but not true friends. 

A true friend is always there for you, even when you’re mad. She admires you and therefore makes you feel good about yourself. One of her best moments is when you’re the star. And when you’re not in the mood, she still understands. 

It may sound too good, but it’s true when you have a true friend. Few people have true friends because they’re hard to find. Not everyone is willing to see you happier than they are. Few people enjoy seeing other people’s happiness.


The Lord Jesus was and is a True Friend.


He volunteered Himself before God to leave His heavenly post and come down and become nothing so that we could become something. Then Jesus lived day and night, evangelizing and preaching the good news to people everywhere. So much so that sometimes Jesus didn’t have time to eat. And what did He often get in return? Misunderstanding, judgment, criticism, and disdain. 

Still, He didn’t stop giving. He gave more and more of Himself until He had to give His own life. Still, some have a low opinion of the Lord Jesus and say He was just a prophet or a wise man. It’s just unbelievable!

His giving didn’t stop there, either. He died and resurrected and with all the glory and honor of being a true HERO (that’s what I call a HERO!), He continues giving to those who call upon Him. Even those who did all sorts of wrong were prostitutes, adulterers, thieves, murderers, and even terrorists. Anyone who calls upon His Name and gives his life to Him by faith receives a chance to start it all over again and live life to the fullest.

The bigger the sinner, the greater His pleasure to restore them to a new life. Now, where can you find a better Friend? Why go on living in loneliness when you could always have a True Friend by your side—one who’s a true HERO! Who’s worthy of all the awards and more? One who loves you for who you are, and He will never leave or forsake you!

Why think He has forsaken you while He’s the only One who hasn’t? Why believe that He’s not there when He’s the only One around?

Excerpt From:
Better than a Pair of Shoes
Cristiane Cardoso

The Universal Church
  • Cristiane Cardoso