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Campaign of Israel for the Difference

Bishops and Pastors From All Over the World Will Cry-Out for Your Prayer Requests

Campaign of Israel for the Difference

This Saturday at 6:30 am CT Bishop Edir Macedo will hold a special meeting along with other Bishops and Pastors at the Temple of Solomon in Brazil. Bishops and Pastors from all over the world will Cry-Out to God for the request of the people that participated in the Campaign of Israel for the Difference. 

Men and Women of God will be crying for the people to receive the Blessing that comes from God’s hands. You can tune into the prayer on the Universal Living Faith Network at 6:30 am CT/7:30 am ET. If you would like to be present with the Bishops and pastors, visit a Universal Church near you. For more information, call our helpline: 1-888-332-4141 or send us a text at 1-888-312-4141.

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