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I Always Carried a Lot of Anger Inside

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My childhood was not easy, as I lived in a situation of hunger. There were eight of us and many times we didn’t even have the basics at home. My mother didn’t work and all the money my father received went towards alcohol.”

Luciana’s anger at the situation became constant, which triggered bad thoughts in her. “I looked at what was going on and wondered if I hadn’t been changed at the hospital. I always carried a lot of anger inside me and blamed God and everyone else for what I went through. All of this made me a sad, empty and arrogant woman.”I Always Carried a Lot of Anger Inside

The internal emptiness grew every day and was even reflected in her physical health. “I developed anxiety, nocturnal fear, I used to pass out constantly and I was depressed. Then, I heard voices when I was already asleep and when I woke up, I had the feeling that someone’s watching me. I could only sleep with the lights on.”

She emphasizes that those who lived with her outside her home did not imagine her real situation. As she appeared to be happy and peaceful to the people around her. “I lived off appearances, mainly on social media, where I posted photos of parties, trips and clubs. I was always smiling, but I cried when I was alone.”

Because of her search for happiness and relief for the soul, Luciana was subjected to many situations and people, to the point of giving up her own body. “My rock bottom was when I discovered prostitution and I no longer had control of myself. I started drinking more and being out and about. I boasted and, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt beautiful and didn’t recognize my real situation.”

At one of the parties she used to attend, Luciana says she had a spiritual experience that revealed her true condition to her.

“I was on a boat and everyone was drinking. I was offered a drink, and after drinking it, I started having fainting spells and I started to see everyone as demons. So, I started praying to God for help, because I saw that if I died I would go to hell.” After this episode, Luciana had the opportunity to change her life.”

“When I was watching television, I tuned in to the Universal Church’s program and there I saw the work of the Church and decided to seek help.”

Upon arriving at the Church, Luciana took the step of giving her life completely. “I repented of all my sins, left prostitution and everything I learned that was displeasing to God, including a relationship with a married man. I really wanted to start a new life, I even changed my phone number so that I no longer have any contact with the past.”

Today Luciana has her life restored. “I forgave my parents, I left addiction and bad friendships. Now I have inner peace and I am truly happy. Kindness and long-suffering are part of my character today. God made a complete transformation in my life and gave me a new mind and a new heart.”

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