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I Wrote a Letter to My Family Saying…

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“When I was about 6 years old, I had an accident in which I was very bullied in school. That’s when I started to have depression and panic attacks. I felt very lonely and criticized. It got so bad to the point that I wrote a letter to my family saying my goodbyes and telling them that they are better off without me. I was also very rebellious.

Besides the personal problems that I was going through, my family also had a situation. We were basically homeless. All of a sudden the two houses we had were foreclosed and my dad lost his job. For a year my mom had to take care of the family and we didn’t have much to eat.

My grandparents invited us to go to the Universal Church. They knew the situation that we were going through. We were tired of the suffering and the situation we were living in so we took the step and decided to visit the church. From then on, we never left.

Everything seemed like it’s going well, but I didn’t have the Holy Spirit. When the pastor said, “You can have everything but if you don’t have the Holy Spirit then you have anything.” That was my main focus.

When I received thee Holy Spirit, it was the most amazing experience. There was an assurance that I was not alone anymore. I didn’t have any more pf the assurance that I was not alone anymore. I didn’t have any more depression, panic attacks, and trauma. Today, I’m happily married, I have my own business, I am completely happy.” – Nicole