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I Was the Bully…

Here the Point of View of the Bully

For many years, Carlos persecuted, humiliated, and cursed his schoolmates. “I was raised only by my mother, I didn’t have the father figure with me, that made me revolted.” He says that the time from childhood to adolescence was troubled.I Was the Bully...

“I used to get together with some colleagues and when we saw a more fragile person, with a different look, we were prejudiced and followed him, tearing clothes, laughing at him”, he recalls. Carlos says that the action always took place in the presence of other young people. “I acted that way to show that I had power, that I was the big one.”

He explains that he only realized the harm he did to other people as an adult when he started attending the Universal Church meetings.

“I understood what my traumas did to me and I could understand the pain people felt because of my attitudes. Today I am different from what I was and I help other people.”

The Universal Church
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