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Nothing Brought Me Peace

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I didn’t have good family references, mainly because of my father’s addictions and behavior. My family was destroyed, my father constantly drank and betrayed my mother. As a consequence, they separated, and all these generated uncertainties within me.

I started drinking, partying as a teenager and got involved in relationships without much commitment. I thought I was happy, but I realized I was becoming like my father…Picture of Valkir

Drinks, parties, friends, nothing brought me the peace I sought so much, nor did it fill the emptiness I felt. That’s when I decided to o somewhere else and change my life. I left my city thinking that changing places my life would also change.

It was nothing more than an illusion, I remained empty, sad, and without peace, doing the same thing as always. My father passed away and I went to live with my mother. She was already attending the church and it was through her that I met the church. I started making the chains of prayer and the first change that happened in me was the deliverance from addictions.

I stopped drinking, no longer partied, and moved away from bad friendships. So, I was complexity clean of my past.

I heard about the Holy Spirit and understood the importance of he in a person’s life. Wished, sought, and surrender body, soul, and spirit.

When I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, everything changed within my being, the emptiness I had was filled with the joy and peace that only in God do we find. Everything about me has changed my behavior, thoughts, and dreams. Today I am a new man, married to the woman of God and fulfilled in every way of my life. The Holy Spirit is greatness asset.

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