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I Was Afraid That My Daughter Would Kill Me

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Sonia taught her daughter Leticia from childhood about the importance of faith. As a child, she already attended meetings at the Universal Church with her mother, but at 16 she began to change.

“She met a friend and decided she wanted to see the world. As she was bullied at school for being over weight. She wanted to show the girls that she has the ability to have multiple boyfriends. Thus, she began to meet I Was Afraid That My Daughter Would Kill Meseveral young men on the internet”, she recalls Sonia. She comments that one month her daughter had relationships with 15 young men. However, the worst moment was yet to come: Leticia fell in love and stared dating a violent man.

The mistakes made by Leticia was not for lack of advice, as her mother tried in every way to open her yes. “I advised her to leave that life. I told her that I didn’t want her to have the life I had. For her to go through the same problem I went through the same problem I went through. I advised her but she didn’t listen to me and was angry with me.” She says that she was even afraid that her daughter would kill her.

For six years, Sonia insisted on her daughter’s change. Participating in the meeting at Universal and applying the teachings, she stopped acting by her own strength, became a good influence for Leticia and placed her daughter’s future on the Altar of God.

“Today she is completely different. We are friends, she asks for my opinion and follows advice. It was worth fighting for her. I advise all the mothers not to give up.”

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