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Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduation

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Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduation

The Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) is the prison ministry of the Universal Church. Their mission is to bring hope to inmates who are currently behind bars. As well as support to ex- inmates once released from prison. Some of the efforts done by the UBB include Anger Management courses that last for a 12 week period.

Recently, the UBB was able to hold a graduation for the women in the Hobby UnitCorrectional Facility. Specifically for the women, who took part of our 12- week course for those who wanted to overcome anger and rage. The UBB gave a special thanks to the Warden of the Hobby Unit for allowing them to host this ????first graduation for the women of?? this unit.Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduation

Something of this magnitude has never been done before in the Hobby Unit. All who were in attendance greatly appreciated the efforts made by the UBB. Each inmate who completed the 12 week course was able to graduate.

The Anger Management Course was aimed at helping the women understand where their anger stemmed from. How to control it in a healthy way that would allow them to be better versions of themselves. The 12-week course went deep, and required true dedication from each inmate Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduationwho participated. In order for them to see a change in them. Several inmates shared their experiences of how the Anger Management course helped them, and how they have grown both mentally and spiritually. Some that spoke expressed their sincere gratitude to the UBB for treating them as actual human beings. One inmate mentioned, ‘You saw us for us, you treated us like people and I am very grateful to y’all for that.’ While others decided to share their joy and gratitude through a song. After a few words of faith, shared by Bishop Bira Joshua Fonseca, host of the Showdown of Faith, each woman received a prayer and was able to graduate the Anger Management course.

Their graduation included their very own certificate, signed by???? Bishop Bira Joshua, and their very own study Bible. Each leather covered study Bible was sealed, given to them brand new, and this donation was made possible by members of the Universal Church who donated these Bibles. Along with viewers of the Living
Faith Network nationwide who also sponsored those Bibles. The Word of God is the best gift anyone can receive. It was no coincidence that this was the gift given to each graduate at Hobby Unit. The dire importance of the Word of God is at an all time high, and through each Bible donated, a life was saved. There are over 2.12 million people incarcerated in the United States. The numbers are steadily increasing with all of the violence going on in our world today.Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduation

Behind bars is a dark place, and the Word of God acts as a light in that darkness. When no one else is around, the Word of God provides hope, peace and comfort to the souls of those who have it. Now, imagine being able to help someone who is currently behind bars by donating a Bible? The gift of the Word of God is priceless to the receiver, and with a donation of $115. You too can give this priceless gift to someone who is thirsty to know God. If you are moved to help our prison ministry reach out and donate Bible to inmates in need. Simply call our helpline 1(888) 691-2291 out how you can donate a Bible today.Hobby Unit- Inmates Graduation

If you or someone you know is currently behind bars, in need of a Study Bible, write to Bishop Bira Joshua. At the Universal Church located at 7075 Southwest Fwy., Houston TX 77074 requesting a Bible. Your letter will be read by him and responded in a timely manner. Please be aware of certain correctional facility restrictions.

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