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Nightmares Haunted Me

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For even years Desmond was tormented by evil spirits, heard voices, had bad dreams and could not sleep at night.

“I was in 11th grade and it became difficult for me to concentrate on my studies. I sometimes took naps during lessons because I had not slept the previous night.

In search of a solution to my problem, my parents took me to different places but my spiritual problem put my family under financial strain. I sometimes lied that I had some sleep even though I was wide awake because I did not want to bother my parents emotionally and financially.”

After he completed his studies,Desmond found a job at a restaurant. The evil spirits continued haunting him. He arrived late for work and sometimes slept dewing working hours. He was eventually fired after working for Six months. He was invited to attend services in the Universal Church.

“I took part in the chains of prayers on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from the evil spirits that tormented me. After three months in the church I was able to sleep well. bad dreams ended and I stopped hearing voices. My siblings are now attending the services with me because they have seen the power of God in my life.

The Universal Church
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